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ATHENA was the goddess of war & wisdom in Greek Mythology. At birth, according to one myth, she sprang full grown & the king of the Gods. Athena represented the intellectual aspect of war. Athena’s most famous temple, on the acropolis in Athens, is called Parthenon. Some myths tell Athens got its name. The Greeks in the territory of Attica (the peninsula that extends from southern Greece into the Aegean Sea) wanted to name their principal city for either Poseidon, the God of Sea or Athena, whomever gave them the more useful gift. One myth says Poseidon created the horse, another says he created a spring. Athena created the olive tree. The Gods judged Athena’s gift more useful & so the city was named Athens’ with Athena its patroness. Ancient artists usually showed Athena wearing a helmet & a magic shield. Athena’s chief symbol was the owl. Greece is where the first European civilisation started more than 2000 years ago. Athens being the cornerstone of it all is one of the world’s famous & historic cities & until this day, in Greece, Athens is always pronounced ATHENA.

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